​Craig Adams

                      for Lexington, SC

We can do Better!

            Craig Adams


I love Lexington County, SC .

Lexington, like all communities, must have leaders that love their neighbors and strive continually to make their neighborhoods safer and living conditions better for all citizens. 

Constant Involvement, selfishly, is what distinguishes Craig Adams from most all other community leaders.

Craig has never held or been a candidate for elective office and has decided not to run at this time.

Craig Adams is a proud resident of Lexington. He has devoted most of his life to community service in various ways through political activism, volunteerism, public service, and ministry work.

As a born-again Christian, Craig puts God first followed by his deep love for his country. He is happily married with three daughters and two granddaughters…he also has two awesome Basset Hounds.

Craig has a lifetime of experience in business, charitable causes, leadership, and management. His extensive experience in real world situations and superb organizational skills are unmatched.

I believe in strong community!

He has spent more than three decades working with elected officials and community leaders to improve the functions of local, state, and national governments.

Some of the qualities that Craig Adams, has a community leader, offers the citizens of Lexington are experience, competence, independence, integrity, stability, loyalty, and accountability. 

Craig believes that government should be limited, efficient, and accountable. Craig is a problem solver and a government watchdog.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. —John Maxwell